Scope of PDS/IdH/EDV Discussion (Re: Invitation to Personal Data Hubs, Identity Hubs, EDV Roadmap Discussion)

On 11/15/19 6:26 PM, Michael Herman (Parallelspace) wrote:
> That is, how can we plan when we don’t have a scope?

In an attempt to answer Michael's question, I'll start by outlining the
sort of statement we want to get consensus on by the end of the call:

The communities involved in this discussion have decided to collaborate
on a specification for a foundational layer for personal data stores,
specifically [WORK_ITEMS]. The intent is to eventually standardize the
work at [STANDARDS_ORGANIZATION] under the [IPR_POLICY] IPR policy.
Documents [LIST OF 1..N DRAFTS] will be used as use case, requirements,
and technical input for the collaborative effort. Regular calls will be
hosted at [CALL_LOCATION] under the aforementioned IPR policy. Each
community contributing work to the effort can, at any time, withdraw
from the effort and/or continue work on their draft.

That's the scope of the call... to get to consensus on some variation of
the above paragraph. The exact details of how each of these technologies
work is out of scope, because we can't have that discussion until we at
least agree that we're committed to the same use cases, and are headed
in the same general direction. Yes, we may touch on a technical issue
here or there for the purposes of exploring how the previous paragraph
may play out, but under no circumstance should we start designing the
solution on the call.

-- manu

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