RE: DIDs and httpRange-14

My interpretation of RFC 3986 is that as long as the URI describes a “what” in terms of what resource to be returned (e.g. a DID Document, a DID Document Fragment, collection of DID Documents, or another URI or URL, etc.) and not “how the processing” is to occur, the URI is a URI.

Checkout the original did-uri-spec webcast starting at these timecodes:



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From: Markus Sabadello <>
Sent: April 10, 2019 8:33 AM
To: W3C Credentials CG <>
Subject: DIDs and httpRange-14

I wouldn't call this a high priority issue, but there have been recurring questions on whether a DID is a URL or "only" a URI, what a DID identifies (Alice? Or Alice's DID Document?), and what it means exactly to resolve/dereference a DID (URL).

Maybe this isn't an actual problem, but for some reason it keeps bothering me.

So I thought I'd write up<> my current understanding of those questions.


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