Re: Use Case Examples for DID URL Parameter Formats

Justin, I'm using an alternative approach.  Checkout

Universal Decentralized Identifier URI Specification: DSDG Matrix and $supportedCapabilities


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From: Justin Richer <>
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To: Manu Sporny
Subject: Re: Use Case Examples for DID URL Parameter Formats

I donít like this approach at all.

Isnít the DID method already in the DID that itís attached to? And what happens when you try to put parameters on a different method? And, most importantly, what happens when one method has a good idea and it propagates to other methods? So the foo-widget is copied from the foo method to the bar and qux methods, but itís still called foo-widget because thatís what everyoneís code is scanning for and nobody wants to change it to scan for bar-widget and qux-widget, and of course nobodyís ever going to change it to just plain widget because if that kind of thing happened then we wouldnít have x-www-url-form-encoded as a MIME type in use today (the x- is supposed to mean experimental, and yet decades later here we are).

ó Justin

On Apr 6, 2019, at 3:37 PM, Manu Sporny <<>> wrote:

On 4/6/19 1:49 PM, =Drummond Reed wrote:
*Method-specific parameter names*

One thought I had after the call was to require method-specific
parameter names to be prefixed with the DID Method to ensure no
collisions. It's a simple rule that removes the need for a centralized
parameter name registry. So, for example:


The ones in the DID spec would not be prefixed:


-- manu

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