Re: A simpler approach to DID services and content-addressing

On 4/4/19 5:43 AM, =Drummond Reed wrote:
> 1. The issue we saw with Manu's proposal is that there is no 
> syntactic delimiter between the "naked DID" (that identifies the DID 
> subject) and the parameters.

The delimiter string between the "naked DID" and the parameters are
":path:" and ":hl:", for the use cases produced thus far.

I did not do one for type because we haven't heard of an example where
that is required, and if that existed, the processing rules would change
to "first search for an identifier, then search by type". So, if that
use case is important to folks, and it's not solved via an array of
service endpoints (which is simpler), then we still have a solution that

The other advantage is that we can still reserve the ";" for matrix
parameters in the future, if we need them, but at this point, we can
solve the use cases without using matrix parameters and thus keep the
syntax for DIDs simpler.

> 2. The only issue we had with Michael Herman's proposal is that the 
> syntax seemed heavier-weight (i.e., uses more delimiter characters) 
> than necessary, particularly for a URL grammar.

I too would like to avoid the heavy use of complex microsyntaxes.

-- manu

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