Re: Call for Focal DID Use Cases

I've just completed Focal DID Use Case - "Globally unique representation of
living human individuals in a digital space using Validbook Statements as
an example."

I think it is a good use case where it is neccessary to use SSIs (and by
extension DIDs) as money (Kudos) and documents (Validbook Statements) are
It is also a good read to understand how Validbook may work from a
practical perspective.


On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 6:57 PM, Bohdan Andriyiv <> wrote:

> Here is a draft of a use case from Validbook.  It is central to Validbook
> operations. It is about creation and endorsements of SURLHIs (Statements of
> Unique Representation of Living Human Individual) by Self-Sovereign
> Identities. WIP, to be completed tomorrow.
> aMMImQMCjAcZUo/edit?usp=sharing
> Thanks,
> Bohdan

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