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On 05/14/2018 11:05 AM, Graham Klyne wrote:
> I think the issue might be titled something like: "Allow DID 
> documents to be retrieved using any URI scheme".

Ok, I understand the point you're making now. I've created a new issue
to track this here:

... and will track the discussion there.

> Rather, a generally preferred approach is to dereference the URI and
>  examine the content-type of what is returned.

What happens if the protocol you're using to resolve the identifier
doesn't provide a content-type in return? We have a couple of DID
Resolvers that might never return content-types (Bitcoin and Ethereum
come to mind). I guess we could require that all Resolvers return
content-types... but given the absence of a content-type, the front part
of the URI "did" provides all the information you need to process the

-- manu

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