[MINUTES] W3C Credentials CG Call Tue, May 8, 12 noon ET, 9 AM PT

Even better, we _almost_(*) established that someone besides Manu can
generate the minutes with the scribetool script. I'll be submitting a PR to
help that effort along.

(*) Clearly, I didn't configure automated email sending correctly...among
other behind-the-scenes mayhem which I hope wasn't publicly visible for too
long... I also just noticed I didn't get Andrew Hughes acknowledged as
scribe. I'll look into fixing that up too.

*Credentials CG Meeting Summary for 2018-05-08*

We discussed introductions, action items update, work items, digital
verification github items, digital verification community items and ccg
people, did use cases & domains, moses to post the request to the ccg list
calling for , and chair to call for conflicts for july 16 week on this

  1. introductions
  2. action items update
  3. work items
  4. digital verification github items
  5. Digital Verification community items and CCG people
  6. DID Use Cases & Domains
Action Items:
  1. Moses to post the request to the ccg list calling for
  2. chair to call for conflicts for July 16 week on this topic

Full transcript and audio logs are available here:

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