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[AGENDA] W3C Credentials Community Call - 30 May 2017 12pm ET

From: Christopher Allen <ChristopherA@blockstream.com>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 14:04:30 -0700
Message-ID: <CA+HTxFevTdy9D+n2DOYh4jfTb5gjR8OdHcvkucpsAg+3-z+Jfg@mail.gmail.com>
To: "W3C Credentials CG (Public List)" <public-credentials@w3.org>, "W3C Digital Verification CG (Public List)" <public-digital-verification@w3.org>
Tuesday, May 30th, 2017
Time: 12pm Boston, 9am Pacific, 16:00 GMT
Text Chat: http://tinyurl.com/w3c-vctf
Voice: sip:vctf@
       tel:+1-540-961-4469;ext=6306 <(540)%20961-4469> (extension 6306)
Duration: 60 minutes
Scribes: RichardV, NathanG, MatthewL, NateO, Drummond, DanB, JonnyCrunch,
AdamL, JoeA, GreggK, KimHD, HarlanW, MattS, ChristopherA, Manu, Longley

This is a joint meeting of the Credentials and Digital Verification
Community Groups. It is held immediately after the Verifiable Claims WG

Minutes from last week’s call: http://w3c.github.io/

Proposed Agenda:

1. Agenda review [3 minutes]

2. Introductions & Re-Introduction (4 minutes)
Re-Introduction is a new regular agenda items, where each week we ask a
longer-term member to re-introduce themselves to more recent members. This
week we will start with Adam Migus.

3. Status of current action items (3 minutes)
  - Kim to send last call for additional CG work items before poll DUE
  - Kim: Create poll for priorities on work items, ~3 weeks snapshot poll
results for prioritization - DUE TUESDAY MAY 30th [IN-PROGRESS]
  - ChristopherA: First draft of CG Mission Statement for review - DUE JUNE
6th [ON HOLD Re: NAME & MISSION] https://docs.google.
  - ChristopherA: Create a new proposal for how Digital Verification CG
integrates DUE JUNE 6th [ON HOLD re: NAME & MISSION]
  - ALL: Approve New Name and Mission Statement - DUE JUNE 27th

4. CG Name & Integration of Digital Verification CG (20 minutes)
  - At this point no strong objections to integrating both CGs into one.
  - New Name?
    - What is a better brand name for this community?
    - What name will appeal to broader participation?
    - What name that can last 5 years?
    - What name doesn’t annoy other communities or prevent participation,
aka “benign but interesting”
  - What process to brainstorm for and select a New Name?

5. Review 4 Suggested Work Items for Credentials CG (25 minutes)
  - Goal is to ask 4 Champions to share suggested work items each week for
  - Who are the champions, what is the work item about, why is it
important, current status?

  - This week:
    - Verifiable Claims Browser API and Browser Polyfill: Dave Longley
    - Lifecycle of a Verifiable Claim: Joe Andrieu
    - Data Minimization and Selective Disclosure Report: Christopher Allen
    - Decentralized Identifiers: Drummond Reed

6. Action items and suggestions for next week agenda  (5 minutes)

— Christopher Allen & Kim Hamilton, co-chairs
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