Re: [TIME CRITICAL] Provide input on Verifiable Claims Charter revision 2

On 03/28/2017 10:23 AM, Timothy Holborn wrote:
> debate must only be important for members...

No, it's clearly important for everyone to engage in debate. I know a
non-trivial number of W3C member companies that wish these sorts of
debates were public. There are big corporations that don't want the
debates to be public, however.

That said, W3C membership is roughly $2K for small organizations... so
you would think that would be in the budget of many organizations that
represent the best interest of the public... but they don't engage. Most
don't because they don't have the bandwidth.

The problem with individual engagement is that it doesn't scale... if we
get 1,000 formal objections from individuals, and there is a company
that is capable of deploying the technology to millions, whose opinion
should be weighed more heavily? In reality, the decisions are far more
complicated and nuanced than this... and there is good debate happening
on the W3C member-only mailing list.

In any case, the situation is far more complicated and nuanced than
"debate must only be important for members". The bar is quite low for
public organizations to engage in the debate... yet, many are not doing
so for a variety of good (and not so good) reasons.

-- manu

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