Re: Web 3.0 blockchains

On 2017-03-11 1:42 AM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> Super excited about the (draft) research into web 3.0 block chains
> IMHO it blows everything else out Ive seen (with possible exception of
> Manu's work) out of the water
> Not only block chains, but Linked Blockchains, Ricardian Contracts and
> Semantic Smart Contracts
> Ive been waiting for something like this for over 5 years, well done!

Thank you for this Melvin. Very very interesting.

I've taken the liberty of cross-posting to the credentials group, 
because 'trust' is the key element of this, IMO.

And I'd like to contribute a special caveat for others like myself who 
are only semi-geeks (or anybody in a rush or in information overload):

In scanning through that document at first I almost missed the 
critical sections, because the first half is a complex summary of the 
current situation and leads to eye-glazing-over, for me at least. And 
it's written in Germlish with many major grammatical errors which make 
it hard to concentrate on the core message at times.


I suggest: be sure to read carefully at least sections VIII, IX, and 
X. I believe the overview and suggested new application described 
there will reward almost anyone's time.

> seeAlso

Agreed also that this is excellent. Reading through the slides 
themselves (25 of them) gave me an overview of smart contracts related 
to Linked Data in a way that correlates nicely with the solution 
provided in the other link. In fact this one really could come first, 
because it ends with the need that the first link solves.


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