Re: Feedback on 2017 for the Credentials Community Group


Excellent. Thanks for the feedback.  

A quick note on your third item: brilliant alignment with behind-the-
scenes work of the co-chairs. We do, in fact, have a roadmap in process.
We were initially planning on presenting that tomorrow when we realized
it would serve the effort better to first have a meeting focused on 2017
and gather feedback. Then, in January we'll go over the proposed roadmap
and solicit feedback on that plan to kick off the new year.
As they say in American football: first, catch the ball, THEN run with

On Sun, Dec 17, 2017, at 01:23 PM, =Drummond Reed wrote:
> Joe, thanks for raising this topic and asking the group.
> I joined the group in the spring to work on the DID spec, and except
> for the fact that I wished it could go faster, I was relatively happy
> with the progress. A few suggestions for 2018:>  1. To move the DID spec more quickly, we finally started doing
>     dedicated calls. That has helped accelerate considerably. I would
>     suggest using this mechanism whenever there is a work item on
>     which CCG members (all or a subset) want to move more quickly.
>  2. IMHO it really helps to have screen sharing for calls. IRC is
>     fine, and creates a nice running log, but there's no reason it
>     can't be used with webmeeting software like Zoom to get the best
>     of both worlds (that's what we've been doing on the DID Spec
>     Closure calls). Evernym would be happy to host a Zoom Room for
>     the weekly meetings starting in January if the group would like
>     to use it.
>  3. As we talk about longer term plans, I think it would be good for
>     the group to create and share a roadmap document. Not sure the
>     best way to collaborate or host it, but that would be a good topic
>     for Tuesday's call.> Thanks again for stepping into the third co-chair role. 
> Talk to you Tuesday.
> =Drummond  
> On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 2:37 PM, Joe Andrieu
> <> wrote:>> __
>> Hello,
>> As part of our year-end review & planning process, your co-chairs
>> would like your input. We've done a lot in 2017 that we should all be
>> proud of. In 2018 we'd like to do even better. Perhaps through
>> working more efficiently or focusing on more important work. Whatever
>> the opportunity for improvement, whatever your ideas for making the
>> Credentials Community Group more effective and more relevant, we want
>> to hear.>> 
>> Next week we'll have time set aside for discussing how we can
>> improve. In the meantime, please take a moment and consider the
>> following.>> 
>> 1. What did we do well?
>> 2. What could be improved?
>> 3. What new approaches or techniques might we try?
>> If you're inspired, send an email to this list. Or, if you prefer,
>> share it with us on Tuesday. Either way, we look forward to hearing
>> from you.>> 
>> Thanks,
>> -j
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