Re: Agenda: Verifiable Claims Teleconference - Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

On 12/13/16 7:34 AM, Daniel Burnett wrote:
> Attached is part I of my PR tutorial, planned for today.

Thank you for doing this. I've read it through and it looks *doable*!  :-)

Last week I did almost two full days reading about git and GitHub and 
gave up after encountering all the things you cover here and more, but 
never in an order that allowed me to understand how I would actually 
proceed. You appear to have done that very well.

Three things I encountered that aren't mentioned (they might be coming 
in part 2, but I'll ask anyway:)

1. When my commit is for a specific open Issue, I've read it's 
possible to include the issue number so that if the pull request is 
accepted the Issue is closed automatically.

However, this may not work using the Fork and Pull model since my 
commit is entering via somebody else's pull. Not sure.

Do you recommend adding 'closes #xx' to the commit message, in either 
event? Or some other reference to the Issue?

2. Is it recommended to do a commit that covers several minor open 
Issues at once (e.g., ones like typos that aren't controversial), and, 
for example, put "closes #13" "closes #15" and "closes #22", all in 
the same commit message?  Or is it preferable to do a separate commit 
and pull request for each?

3. Do I always do *one* Pull Request for *one* commit? Or can I do 
several commits in a row on my branch, and then do a Pull Request that 
covers all of them?



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