Re: How the father of the World Wide Web plans to reclaim it from Facebook and Google

On 8/23/16 11:46 AM, Timothy Holborn wrote:
> yet it's much easier to install apache2 or cpanel than it is to figure
> out virtuoso atm.  

Protocols have known ports.

Servers are available to clients via hostname + port combos that
identify access points on a network.

Data Access between clients and servers occurs using protocols.

Data Processing occurs by handling data representation format
transmitted using relevant protocols.

All you do with Virtuoso is start your server and speak to it using the
relevant protocols (e.g., HTTP, HTTP-WebDAV, HTTP-LDP, HTTP-SPARQL,
ODBC, JDBC, HTTP-CalDAV, HTTP-CardDAV, IMAP4 etc...  It either works or
it fails, nothing in between.

We have some wrapper services that include UI e.g, ODS-Briefcase for
working with WebDAV, LDP etc.. All you do is install the VAD package and
you are set.

BTW -- I do agree with the issue about our docs. They do need
improvement and that's being addressed as I type :)


-- a bit dated, but valid (just missing stuff on LDP).

-- post I just knocked up


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