Computational Legal Decision Support Community Group Launched

With your support, the Computational Legal Decision Support Community Group has been launched:

This group was originally proposed on 2018-11-14
by Viorel Milea. The following people supported its
      Viorel Milea
      Roman Evstifeev
      Abhinav Vishnu
      Rakib Hasan
      Emeka Okoye

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Open access of citizens to public information is fundamental for the
effective functioning of (democratic) systems.  Within the judicial
branch this is often guarded both at local as well as at national level.
The Computational Legal Decision Support community group (CLaDS)
considers: the data sources for the system, i.e., documents describing
proceedings of lawsuits; scalability of a prototype, i.e., how the data
is to be meaningfully represented within the system; distinctions in
regard to (semantic) judicial vocabularies; applications outside the
legal domain.

The group is in incipient phase and contributions are welcome. Our
current focus is:
a) the exploration of availability of formal litigations
b) specification of the formal means of representation of lawsuit
proceedings / legal knowledge.

A extensive proposal is available at . 

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