Re: W3C Community Site Issues

On 07/14/2011 04:00 PM, Ian Jacobs wrote:
> On 14 Jul 2011, at 2:11 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
>> Provided below are a list of issues that Dave Lehn collected during the
>> the course of having a few Digital Bazaar engineers sign up to the Web
>> Payments Community Group in early July. Apologies if some of these bugs
>> have already been fixed. I'm cc'ing Dave Lehn so that he may provide
>> more feedback if necessary.
> ...
>> Dave Longley joined the web payments group and I (David Lehn) was
>> ejected from the group at the same time he was added?! (CRITICAL)
>> Suggested changes: Ensure that people joining/leaving a group has
>> minimal impact on the rest of the people in the group.
> I have no idea why one person joining would affect another. My only suspicion is that this is a coincidence and tied to delays between joining and our ldap information being updated.
> I agree: The delay must be fixed/reduced.

After an IRC chat on #community it sounded like the backend events
looked ok.  I really don't know what would have happened since I was in
the group, Dave Longley signed up, then I was no longer in the group.  I
also rejoined today and observed the delay while I was not immediately a
member of the group which is somewhat confusing since you still see the
"Join" button.  A minute later it corrected itself though.  I just
tested the resign and join pages and the rejoin seemed to happen

>> Constant browser auth popup though you can usually cancel and still
>> browse around.
> I think we fixed that this morning; there was a resource that was not public that now is. Can you reconfirm?

It seems better.  But I wasn't keeping track of the specific pages with
issues when I noted the problem.

>> We accidentally created "Digital Bazaar, Inc." and "Digital Bazaar"
>> because a number of engineers were asked to join, they did so, but
>> without coordinating with one another (which will most likely happen
>> elsewhere as well). There needs to be some way to merge or change
>> companies when this happens.
> Agreed. I think the answer is "tell us on site-comments." at least for now.
> Which one do you want, btw? (with Inc or without?)

Without Inc.  If the one I created with "Inc" is still in a database
somewhere it can be removed.

> How did you get to that page?

The join ack email from included the text:

"For more information on Web Payments Community Group participation,

That page has a "Participants in this group" link to the group details
page. It requires you to login to see it.

>> Don't have consistent companies and links for everyone.
> Please provide more detail on what you are observing on that page...

Kingsley Idehen and Ted Thibodeau are listed with "OpenLink Software
Inc" but I see it links to a page I don't have access to:

I may have just been confused the other day and thought it was linking
to their corporate site.  That may have been from the community
participants page though?

>> Regular group members are "Invited experts"?
> Since we don't expect people to get to this page, it may not be that important.

Ok.  I was just following links and exploring and ran across that info.

>> Can get the "blue screen" version if you logged in with basic auth on
>> another page (like your account page). But can't edit anything without
>> a new auth request that doesn't accept same user/pw.  In any case, can
>> get through to see phone numbers, skype names, etc.
> I don't think that page will be visible to people.

Ok.  People will likely follow the links that are sent out in join
emails and will find that page.

>> (minor) Doesn't handle back navigation between tabs properly (hash
>> changes but content doesn't update).
>> Link to unknown page for changing representative:
> I believe we've fixed that. Please confirm.

Navigation issue is still there on the userInfo page but it's no big
deal.  "change" page link from the join and resign pages is still 404.

>> Top says "Your organization is participating in group and you can
>> resign using this form..." even though there is no resign option. Next
>> paragraph starts talking about how to join.
> Probably fixed. Please try again

The resign page has odd HTML.  The <label><input ...>...</label> in the
middle of a sentence causes Chromium to display a partial sentence, a
new line with the checkbox followed by the label text, then a new line
with just a period.  Seems the checkbox should be in front of the whole
"I, NAME, ... hereby resign..." text.

This isn't critical, but lots of people will find it odd that you have
to use a classic email command interface ("Subject: subscribe", etc) to
sign up for the community mailing lists.  Would be nice if there was a
web interface to sign up.

David I. Lehn
Digital Bazaar, Inc.

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