Claims of Conformance to COREMOB-2012 - ISSUE-34 Agenda for Coremob 2-3 Oct 2012 London

We recognised at the F2F in Palo Alto [1] that the test suite for what was then called Coremob Level 1 and what is now called COREMOB-2012 will not be complete we need to add to the agenda a discussion of conformance claims.

As a reminder, COREMOB2012 - being aspirational -  will in part at least refer to specifications that are not finished and to specifications that will not be formally defined, or have complete test cases. How, then, are we to define conformance to this set of features?

This needs to be discussed at the F2F and probably requires an ISSUE of its own. 



Received on Wednesday, 5 September 2012 20:26:54 UTC