Summary of Coremob telecon 2012-09-05

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The Times they are a Changin'

Recording our thanks to Robin Berjon and wishing him all the best in the future, RESOLUTION: Coremob thanks Robin for his contributions to Coremob, wishes him well in his new undertakings and notes that the remaining chair requests that he completes his outstanding actions :-)

Action Bashing

We closed a number of Actions - see to look at individual actions.

We closed ACTION-2 and ACTION-4 because on the last telecon we resolved not to do an L0 and agreed that everything that was under that and L1 would now be considered COREMOB-2012 and because AT&T is working on "What is a Mobile Web Application" under ACTION-47.

We closed ACTION-7 on Media Capture because the relevant document is in Last Call.

Tobie posted a snapshot of Coremob-2012 at

We closed his ACTION-9, ACTION-11, ACTION-16, ACTION-17, ACTION-19, ACTION-20, ACTION-26 and ACTION-10.

We discussed Tobie's ACTION-5 on Conformance and took this RESOLUTION: ACTION-5 accept Tobie's draft with the addition "unless detailed below" and ignore the device vs User Agent issue touched on by Jo

We discussed Tobie's ACTION-18 on Network Information and we took the RESOLUTION: Network Information as it stands will not be in Coremob 2012. We also raised ISSUE-32 - Follow work of WHATWG, Responsive Image CG and HTML WG and revisit Network Information when appropriate

We discussed Tobie's ACTION-14 on Overflow Scroll and decided to extend the due date to the F2F, 2-3 October.

On Robert Shilston's ACTION-15. Noted that the FT Labs response to this was posted as a blog on their site: That had not engendered much comment. There was discussion whether FT Labs proposal was in scope of the CG. It was agreed that it was in scope of the CG to identify problems. It was noted that e.g. HTTP SPDY proposal and other work on specification of asset loading control were relevant. So we raised ISSUE-33 - We need to define our requirements for asset loading control (cf ACTION-15) and under ACTION-49 asked Andrew Betts to provoke discussion of it. [Contrary to the minutes of the telecon ACTION-15 seems to be superfluous now, so I closed it.]


F2F - please register or say you're not coming!

Noted that some form of agenda is needed for travel approval - please see ISSUE-34 and respond on list.

Jo took ACTION-50 to arrange a telecon between now and then (2 Oct) and subsequently came up with the cunning ploy of calling a telecon in exactly two weeks time, at the same time, on Weds 19th September. See

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