Re: Inclusion of overflowScrolling in coremob specification

On 8 Oct 2012, at 10:35, Paul Bakaus wrote:
>> I'm fine with tests on scroll performance. I just don't want to see useless cruft added to CSS.
> I am going to jump in to speak for some of the mentioned people and say that this demand, and production use case, is very real. We (Zynga) want scrolling, panning (in two directions) and zooming. We want to implement snapping, pagination between simulated pages.

I'd add that, if people have to write JS libraries (eg FTScroller [1]) to achieve things, then that ought to be considered and captured into the appropriate specs.  We've had to do just that, and are very keen for the features Zynga mention to be available from the browser rather than faking them with javascript.


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