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Clarification over link/button states

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Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 14:56:55 +0000
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Name: Jim Osborn
Email: w3c@jaosborn.co.uk
Document: UW
Item Number: Understanding Success Criterion 1.4.3
Part of Item: Intent
Comment Type: technical
Summary of Issue: Clarification over link/button states
Comment (Including rationale for any proposed change):
There is an implication that contrast requirements cover all states of links, buttons and inputs (hover, focus etc) but this is currently unclear and it would be good to have an explicit note to state this.

Likewise, if the above is an incorrect assumption then a note could clarify the requirements.

Proposed Change:
Add a new note (similar to note 3) to clarify if contrast success criterion for 1.4.3 applies to all states for interactive elements such as links, buttons and inputs.

For example:
"Note 4: Different interactive states (e.g. the focus state of a button) must also provide sufficient contrast to satisfy the minimum contrast success criterion (1.4.3)."
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