SC 1.4.7 Why "audio-only"?

Name: Makoto Ueki
Affiliation: Infoaxia, Inc.
Document: W2
Item Number: Success Criterion 1.4.7
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Comment Type: general comment
Summary of Issue: SC 1.4.7 Why "audio-only"?
Comment (Including rationale for any proposed change):
The definition for "audio-only" reads "a time-based presentation that contains only audio (no video and no interaction)".

Does this mean that this SC is not applied to the video which is synchronized with the audio? 

The video which has the audio track also needs "to ensure that any non-speech sounds are low enough that a user who is hard of hearing can separate the speech from background sounds or other noise foreground speech content".

If yes, please explain the reason.

If no, "For prerecorded audio-only content" should be "For prerecorded audio content".    

Proposed Change:
Need clarification.

Received on Tuesday, 26 January 2010 15:25:13 UTC