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Editorial Errors in WCAG Techniques

From: Tomas Caspers <tcaspers@me.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 14:39:18 +0200
To: public-comments-wcag20@w3.org
Message-id: <EE62F131-B06C-4DE8-93EE-68DC834C5F86@me.com>
Esteemed colleagues,

during the translation of WCAG Techniques into German we found a few more errors or omissions.

Thanks for clarification,

Tomas Caspers


»Internet Explorer 7 only changes the text size when the CSS is defined in a style element, keyed off an element as in the examples.«

We have problems understanding this sentence - please explain.


»The CSS letter-spacing property is used to display the letters closer together in the second line of text.«

In both examples of example 9 it is said that the letters are closer together. But in the first example letter spacing is -0.1 em, and in the second it is 1em.
So, shouldn't the second example read differently?


»The CSS :first-line pseudo class is used to display the first line of text in a larger, red font.«

The "e" of :first-line is not within the proper container and is displayed wrong.


»The objective of this technique is to make it possible for users who need to increase the size of text in order to read it will not have to scroll horizontally in order to read a line of text.«

Construction of this sentence seems to be a bit awkward :-)


»When some aspect of the default presentation of a Web page has does not meet a Success Criterion, it is possible to meet that requirement using the "Alternate Version" clause in the conformance requirements (Conformance Requirement 1).«

We think the "has" before "does" needs to be deleted.


»This example be used for simple changes to a section of content and may be less practical for complex sites or pages.«

We think there should be a "may" or "can" after "This example".

»If warning the user a time limit is about to expire (see SCR16: Providing a script that warns the user a time limit is about to expire), this form can be made available from the warning dialog.«

Sentence seems to be incomplete!


»The keyboard event handler should be provided, that executes the same function as the mouse event handler.«

Shouldn't it be "A keyboard event....." and no comma before "that"?


»It must always be possible to understand purpose of the expansion link directly from its link text«

There is a "the" before purpose missing


»If the link identified in step 1 is a link, check that it can be identified from link text alone«

Shouldn't that read:
If the control identified in step 1 is a link, check that it can be identified from link text alone


»Although this technique relies on client-side scripting, it is beneficial to provide a backup implementation or explanation for environments in which scripting is not available.«

Should it really read "although"?


»This approach should only be used when script is relied upon as an Accessibility Supported Tecnology.«

There is an "h" missing in Technology.


»Conformance Criterion 4 requires that alternate versions can be derived from the nonconforming content or from its URI«

Shouldn't that be "Conformance Requirement 4 ..."


»The way to determine the values for "clip-begin," "clip-end", and "dur" is to find out the time the portion of the video before the audio description starts and ends, and to find out the total length of the extended audio description.«

"to find out the time the portion..." this construction sounds a bit strange!


»In the first <par>, the video clip starts at 0 seconds, ends and 5.4 seconds, and the description length is 3.3 seconds, so the "dur" value is 5.4s + 3.3s = 8.7s.«

We think this should read "ends at 5.4 seconds" 


Sometimes it says:

system-captions attribute 

and sometimes

systemCaptions attribute


At one point it says:

»Enable control in content player to turn on sign language interpretation (unless it is always shown)«

And then it says:

»Enable control in content or player to turn on sign language interpretation (unless it is always shown)«

Which one is right?

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