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Comment LC-1079

From: Gian Sampson-Wild <gian@tkh.com.au>
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 18:39:24 +1000
To: "'Loretta Guarino Reid'" <lorettaguarino@google.com>
Cc: <public-comments-WCAG20@w3.org>
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Comment 55:

Source: http://www.w3.org/mid/001f01c695f9$31b504e0$9288b23a@tkhcomputer
(Issue ID: LC-1079)

Example 1 - "A form that uses colour and an asterisk.": Research has shown
that screen readers differ in their approach to asterisks - some do not read
them out at all.

Proposed Change:

Remove this example, and provide additional examples, such as using the word
"required" instead of an asterisk (I am happy to write these)

Response from Working Group:

The Working Group tested three screen readers for support of the asterisk
character. Two of three spoke the asterisk character using the default
settings.  In one screen reader the default settings had to be modified in
order for the asterisk character to be spoken.  The group feels that this
level of support for the asterisk character is sufficient to include the
example.  However, we understand that screen readers in languages other than
English my have difficulty speaking single characters so we have also
included the example from How to Meet 1.3.2 , A form that uses color and
text to indicate required fields, in the How to Meet document for 1.3.1.
Response from GSW:
Thank you for addressing my comment.
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