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WCAG 2.0 - November draft - comments re. WCAG Structure

From: Catherine Brys <c.brys@lib.gla.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:47:35 -0000
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[based on comments relating to the July draft and submitted originally as an
anonymous contributor on 23 Nov 04]
Disclaimer: The comments below represent the personal opinion of the sender;
they do not necessarily represent the University's viewpoint.

oo WCAG Structure
- I would find it useful if examples would be more clearly mapped to the
corresponding guidelines. E.g.:
.. Examples of Guideline 1.1.
.. Example 1 of Guideline 1.2

- Navigation between the guidelines, techniques and checklists in version
1.0 was quite confusing. There were too many levels and links often didn't
point to very specific information causing disorientation. Could this please
be improved in version 2?
Under Level 3 Success Criteria for Guideline 1.1, the link 'How to provide
descriptions of all important visual information for multimedia' would be
clearer if it would state explicitly that this links to a technique, e.g.
'Technique: How to provide descriptions of all important visual information
for multimedia'. 

- Would a section at the start of the document to increase general awareness
be useful? I know there are many other web pages on this available but maybe
a separate paragraph at the beginning would add value and would avoid the
need to give extensive background information with some examples.  

Dr. Catherine M. Brys
Library Web Services Administrator
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e: c.brys [at] lib.gla.ac.uk
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