Re: Nice Work


Thank you for reviewing WCAG 2.0.

>A. WCAG 2.0 Guidelines  Nits:
>In retrospect, from my printed copy, I could not find in the preceding, 
>the meanings of
>the [I] or [V]

Others questioned this as well. We've decided to remove these markings from 
the document since they are no longer used.

>Guideline 1.2 Provide synchronized alternatives for multimedia.
>Many ephemeral TV broadcasts do not deserve more than whatever concurrent 
>captioned text
>there might have been.

Please clarify this statement. What are you recommending that we change?

>B. WCAG 2.0 Checklist Nits
>Per section 4 of the W3C Patent Policy, Working Group participants have 
>150 days from
>the title page date of this document
>     [actually, shouldn't it refer to WCAG 2.0 document date]

yes, although it is the same date.

>to exclude essential claims from the W3C RF licensing requirements with 
>to this document series. Exclusions are with respect to the exclusion 
>reference document,
>defined by the W3 Patent Policy to be the latest version of a document in 
>this series that is
>published no later than 90 days after the title page date of this document.
>My concerns are:
>1. Only Working Group participants have the right to exclude essential claims.
>Few W3C Member Organizations are unrepresented in the Working Group.
>2. The extra 90 days seems to permit retroactive claims.

Interesting questions. I'll pass them on to our patent policy wonks.


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