Reference Material: Proposal 13 about enhancing Findability


Kindly find  below the Reference Material related to Proposal 13
enhancing Findability (For adding text to 4.3.2 Make the Site Hierarchy
Easy to Understand and Navigate

With reference to our discussion in COGA task force meeting on 11th March
2024, I am sharing the research articles where different aspects of deep
and flat hierarchies are referred to with *Notes of literature review and
analysis. *For convenience, I am also attaching the *minutes of the meeting* as
part of a word document to this mail.

Note-Here 39,40, and 42 are row numbers in Mental Health Literature Review
(Responses) sheet

- Key Variables for Effective eHealth Designs for Individuals with and
Without Mental Health Disorders <>

*Notes of literature review and analysis*- The depth of navigation, that
is, the number

of screens one needs to navigate through to reach the desired

contents are the most important variable for usability.

The design lesson may be that the best designs, in terms of quantitative
effectiveness and user preferences, will minimize the need to scroll and
will, at the same time, use a shallow navigational structure that relies on

 - Critical Design Elements of E-Health Applications for Users With Severe
Mental Illness: Singular Focus, Simple Architecture, Prominent Contents,
Explicit Navigation, and Inclusive Hyperlinks

*Notes of literature review and analysis* - It provides evidence-based
guidelines that to design e-health applications for persons with SMI
(Severe mental illness) the most important features are

-Minimize application's layer or hierarchy.

-The text of hyperlinks should be as clear as possible.

- Investigating Information Search by People with Cognitive Disabilities.

*Notes of literature review and analysis* - It provides *Counter point*

Suggested pattern uses deep structure instead of broad structure for the

The study states it was more difficult for people with cognitive challenges
to recover from incorrect categories on the lower-level pages in the broad
structure than in the deep structure.

It suggests a deep hierarchy with breadcrumbs etc.

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On Wed, May 15, 2024 at 10:43 AM Rashmi RK <>

> Hello Everyone,
> We will be having the Mental Health Subgroup meeting this Thursday, 16th
> May.
> *Time (early time)*
> 8 am Eastern Time
> 1 pm UK Time
> 3 pm Israel Time
> 5:30 pm Indian Time
> Initial agenda is -
>    - To further discussing about Proposal 13
>    <>
>    about enhancing Findability (For adding text to 4.3.2 Make the Site
>    Hierarchy Easy to Understand and Navigate
>    <>)
>    **
>    - To discuss editorial changes needed(wordsmithing) for proposal 9
>    <>,
>    proposal 10
>    <>,
>    proposal 11
>    <>
>    to move to editor's draft in GitHub.
> Let me know if you want any additional item on the agenda.
> ** I'm also sharing the reference material related to Proposal 13
> <> in
> this thread for your review.
> *Teleconference information*: Call info for COGA
> <>
> *IRC*: #coga
>    - An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel will be available during the
>    call. (The server is and the port number is 6665)
>    - IRC is like our chat room. You can join us on IRC by following this
>    link:
>    - The channel is #coga
>    - You can write any name as a nickname
>    - Helpful Scribing and Participation Tips
>    <>
> Thank you!
> Best regards,
> Rashmi

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