solving the site-wide findability use case

Coga are struggling with ways to improve site (and page) findability. We
need better mechanism to help users find the different sections and
critical features on a site, and this is a reducing and important usecase.
Also note we had added a proposal to increase the emphasis on findability
in the next version!

Using ADAPT  WKD could help make a really nice solution. (See matts
presentation at

Having the subsites  identified as subsite -homepages where titles can be
harvested can give user agents a way to know what subsites and sections
there are on a site . This would really help.
We may want to add a WKD, such as  site-section, and encourage people to
use it for  the key features/ processes  and sections of a site.

With Matt's proposal to add a feature for the useragent to know all
available labeled urls on the site, User agents can consistently present
what is available to  the user in any site they go to. For example, in a
toolbar in the user agent, with consistent positioning and presention of
key features, whenever the user wants it. It would allow for
minimalistic site navigation from the authors end, whilst keeping the site
findable for users who need more support.

I think this could solve findability on a site level!

All the best

Lisa Seeman-Horwitz

LinkedIn <>, Twitter

Received on Tuesday, 7 May 2024 15:55:23 UTC