Your feedback requested by July 6: COGA requests and explanations for EO

Hi, COGA members, if you have the time and energy, we'd appreciate your
feedback on COGA requests and explanations for EO
end-of-day July 6.


   - The Education and Outreach (EO) working group is reworking a W3C
   publication called "How People With Disabilities Use the Web,"
   which includes pages on five types of disabilities: Auditory, Cognitive,
   Physical, Speech, and Visual.
   - COGA raised many concerns about EO's revised draft of the cognitive
   disabilities page
   - EO invited COGA to rewrite the page using EO's template, which we did.
   - After we submitted our draft, EO asked us to explain each change we
   are requesting. This google doc provides a side-by-side comparison of EO's
   draft and COGA's proposed wording.

*Your feedback requested*

   - *COGA's explanations: *Any concerns about our reasoning? Any
   suggestions on how to make our explanations stronger? Clearer?
   - *COGA's suggested rewording:* Any concerns about what we're proposing?
   The COGA task force reviewed our initial draft before we sent it to EO in
   April. But new members have joined COGA since then, and new ideas may occur
   to folks who are looking at this draft for a second time.


   - It would be great to get your feedback by end-of-day July 6 so we can
   discuss this doc during COGA's July 7 meeting. (There is no COGA meeting on
   July 14 due to summer vacation schedules.)
   - If you would like to review COGA requests and explanations for EO
   need more time, please let us know how soon we can expect your comments.

Thanks, and have a good weekend,


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