Canceled event with note: COGA TF Subgroup Meeting @ Thu Jul 14, 2022 11am - 12pm (EDT) (

This event has been canceled with a note:
"We will not have a regular subgroup meeting the week of July 14 because we  
are doing the face to face sessions on July 12."

COGA TF Subgroup Meeting
Thursday Jul 14, 2022 ⋅ 11am – 12pm
Eastern Time - New York

Location, US-CAM-5CC-12-C-Golgi  
Apparatus (5) [GVC, Phone],+US-CAM-5CC-12-C-Golgi+Apparatus+(5)+%5BGVC,+Phone%5D?hl=en

Dedicated weekly COGA TF subgroup meeting time. Will remain on the same  
Zoom call and IRC channel as the regular TF meeting, which happens just  
before this one:


Guests - organizer
John Kirkwood
David Fazio
Bradley-Montgomery, Rachael
Kinney, Kris Anne
E.A. Draffan
Michael Pluke
Yao Ding
David Swallow
Gerard Goggin

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