Time-sensitive: Any major flags on EO's updated videos?

Hi, COGA folks, I created a google doc
we can share our thoughts on EO's updated videos.

*What's different in these updated EO videos*

   - The good news is EO fixed some of the concerns we raised about the
   first versions of these videos.
   - The not-so-good news is the second versions include some new video
   insets that are problematic.
   - There are also still several placeholders for video insets so we can't
   review them for accuracy yet.

*Two ways you can add your concerns*

   - Add your comments directly to the video files (and copy them in the
   google doc so we can see what you added) or
   - Tag me in the google doc so I'll know to add your comments to the
   video files.

EO will only address major concerns at this point, so please only comment
on big problems.

Please add your comments by 12pm Monday ET, thank you!!!


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