Reminder: TPAC COGA joint sessions on Thursday (today)

Hello COGA task force,

This is a reminder that we have two joint sessions scheduled for today:

   - *10:00 AM ET: Internationalization and COGA joint session
      - Join link:

      - *11:00 AM ET: Silver and COGA joint session
      - Join link: **should be** but please monitor IRC
      in case this changes, since this session was just added to the event

      - For both of these, use our standard COGA teleconference information
   <> and IRC (#coga
   <>) to join.

*Addison, Shawn, and Jeanne: *may I ask you to ensure that
Internationalization and Silver has this information, as well?

Looking forward to our sessions today!



Received on Thursday, 28 October 2021 12:54:30 UTC