Re: Registering for TPAC - important details

Hi, folks, Steve and I both had the same idea—to help make this process
less confusing for everyone! Here are my slightly more detailed
step-by-step instructions:

   1. Start by filling out the TPAC
   <> registration form
   2. Look for an email from W3C Events Team titled "Welcome to TPAC 2021."
   3. Click on "Join the conference" button. (This takes you to a "TPAC
   2021" log-in form.)
   4. Enter your first and last name and your email.
   5. Click "Next." (This takes you to a form titled "Almost done!" Keep
   this form open.)
   6. Look for an email from W3C Events Team titled "Verification code [+
   plus your unique code]."
   7. Enter the code in the "Almost done!" form.

A few other helpful tidbits:

   - The verification code must be used within 24 hours of receiving it.
   - Once you are fully registered and logged in to the TPAC site, click on
   "All sessions" to get to a page that has a search field.
   - The "All sessions" page also lets you view events day by day and/or by
   category, such as "social event"
   - Each session has an "Add to my calendar" button.


On Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 11:11 AM Steve Lee <> wrote:

> The TPAC registration is actually a TWO step process. That may not be
> clear..
> 1. Register using the W3C form
> You will get a text email with the subject
>   "Registration of <Name> to TPAC 2021 Virtual Meeting confirmed"
> Some time later you will get a second HTML email with the subject
>    "Welcome to TPAC 2021"
> 2. This second email contains a blue button "Join The Conference". You
> must click this and follow the steps.
> 3. You should then be able to log into into the CEvent conference system
> with the provided link (
> You can view "All Sessions", and add some to your personal calender
> within the system. This calendar is viewed using the calender icon that
> is top right of the page.
> If you need help you can use the TPAC help
> Plus, some of the Coga team will be on our usual #coga IRC channel
> during TPAC.
> I hope that helps
> See you at TPAC
> Steve


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