Re: final review for content usable 1.0

I am so impressed with all of the work that has been done.

In the spirit of editing:

I've created several pull requests on the consistency_checks branch with
minor corrections that seemed obvious and objective.

I'm not done going through, but wanted to make sure to send what I have as
soon as possible. I'll try to get through the rest of the document tomorrow.

Here are a couple of comments for items that are more subjective:

*3.1.2 User Story: Clear Operation*

As an individual with dyslexia, the opening paragraph confused me: *"As a
user with a memory impairment, a learning disability, or a communication
disability who uses symbols, or executive function impairment, I find it
hard to learn new interface design patterns. I need to know which controls
are available and how to use them so that the site is usable for me."*

I was able to follow the first three user examples, but the forth one ("or
executive function impairment") felt like it was tacked on and didn't fit
into the list. I spent more time than I should have re-thinking the

Suggestions to fix:

Suggestion 1:  put them in a list

*As a user with*

   - *a memory impairment*
   - *a learning disability*
   - *a communication disability who uses symbols*
   - *an executive function impairment*

Suggestion 2: tweak the "or" and "a" usage in the sentence

*As a user with a memory impairment, a learning disability, a communication
disability who uses symbols, or an executive function impairment,...*

*3.8.1 User Story: Adapt*

I noticed that sometimes the document uses "easy to understand" as three
separate words, and sometimes we use "easy-to-understand" with hyphens.

Is there a reason for the two styles?

The third bullet in this section uses both:

*"I need content delivered in an easy to understand language or an
easy-to-understand mode (like short, understandable, video clips)."*

*4. Design Guide*

In the intro paragraph, I noticed that we used the word "cognitive and
learning impairments" instead of "cognitive and learning disabilities,"
which is different from the language elsewhere. Not sure if there is a
specific reason for this, but it stands out.

On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 8:19 AM Lisa Seeman <> wrote:

> Hi Folks
> We (editors) are doing the final changes from the issues to content
> useable 1.0. However, it will still need to be reviewed, as sometimes when
> you fix one thing you brake another (and we have a dyslexic editor...).
> We will hopefully get any changes done over the weekend and send you a
> final version to approve then. However if you have time now, and want to
> start, it would make sense as the changes for the editors are only:  icons,
> w3c conformance and name consistency (were we changed the pattern name to
> update the tables and user need)
> So if you do want to start the review, just ignore these items.
> The edited draft is at
> You can send any feedback to the list. Feel free to read it as HTML or as
> a word doc or whatever makes reviewing easier for you.
> Thanks so much
> Lisa

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