Invitation to APA meeting on Wednesday 10, March at 12:00 EST (17:00 UTC)


APA has scheduled a polyfill based demonstration implementing Media Queries
5 features, and we are pleased to invite our W3C colleagues to this

Niklas Schildhauer, a student of mobile media at Stuttgart Media
University, in his bachelor thesis has looked into the new "user preference
media features", as proposed for  Media Queries Level 5 <>. He will demonstrate how Media
Queries features can be used to enhance personalization and to assist
people with disabilities. He has created web pages to demonstrate how the
media features prefers-reduced-motion, forced-colors, prefers-contrast and
prefers-reduced-transparency can benefit people with vestibular disorders
and visual impairments. He will report on his investigation of how other
features can make a website easier to use, display alternative content, and
extend time-outs.

There are more details available in the APA public mail archives at

The call is Wednesday 10, March at 12:00 EST 1700 UTC.
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We look forward to sharing this demonstration of using  Web standards to
improve accessibility for all.

Becky & Janina
Co-chairs of APA

Becky Gibson

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Co-Chair, Accessible Platform Architectures

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