section 5 changes. Please give responses by the end of Friday 5th March

Hi Folks

We decided last week to make

1. One change is to change the introduction of section 5

We can start with

This section aims to help people work with users with cognitive and
learning disabilities. It focuses on:

   -  special considerations and support for professionals working with
   this group and
   -  a brief introduction support for people who are new to usability
   testing (as any amount of user involvement can substantially
   improve accessibility).

Note that it is beyond the scope of this document to give general advice on
usability testing and focus groups.


Change the heading
 from: Usability Testing Introduction
to: Working with Users with Cognitive and Learning Disabilities.

3. change the sentence :"As a short overview, usability can be measured
based on efficacy, efficiency and satisfaction."

to: "One approach to usability is to measure efficacy, efficiency and
satisfaction for key tasks."

4 We will also remove the word easy, to achievable as discussed last week.

Please feel free to provide better langage -  Please give responses by the
end of Friday 5th March. Silence will be interpreted as being happy with
any suggestion given.

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