issue 231 - icons and internationalization

Hi Folks

  We got some feedback about  internationalization and icons - see /231
My suggestion is we look at their issues on the memory icon and not the
others, as they seemed less important.

1. ICON 7 Ensure processes do not rely on memory
[image: Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 17 01 39]
did not know what this meant

How about we use
[image: image.png]
 from the nown project  (

In the comments we heard that string around a finger isnt  global, such
that ISO 3864 uses bandage around finger(s) for alerting on injury
we could also go with a bandage

2. shouldn't the glass of spilled water have an X across it, to indicate
that you shouldn't break things? (I am not sure we need to address this)

3. for ICON 1 Help users understand what things are and how to use them.

[image: Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 16 51 03]

They didnt find this icon helpful - but it is an older version . However
they said that check mark in some East Asian countries means incorrect; the
circle means correct. So this may create a somewhat different meaning from
what was intended.

I have asked them if our current symbol is more clear

[image: image.png]


ICON 4 Provide support for different ways to understand content
Again this doesn't suggest anything to me related to the idea it
represents. I think it's good to move away from use of gestures, though.

[image: Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 16 56 06]

[I actually prefer the original icon, although i would colour in the small
segment in the circle, so that it doesn't look like a clock face.

I suggest we simply confirm what one we prefer!

all the best


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