RE: issue 144 - defining easy to read

The "Updated ISO/IEC WD 23859 Guidance on making written text easy to read"  document review ends on 20th January 2021, so hopefully it will be coming soon.

I have just been exploring your comment Lisa as I was reading the use cases and realised we had the 'easylang' attribute but this thought may not help the WCAG coga discussion.

There is a clear definition for "Easy Language" as opposed to Easy to Read or easy reading,  as it applies to both written and spoken contexts.  It seems to be preferred by some and is mentioned in this book by Christiane Maaß "Easy Language - Plain Language - Easy Language Plus Balancing Comprehensibility and Acceptability"   See page 53/54 for the explanation.

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From: Lisa Seeman <>
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Subject: issue 144 - defining easy to read

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The issue is we use : "easy to read" but you do not define it and you do not explain how to make it.

I suggest we add it as an "also know as " alternative for "easy reading".

We can also add to the definition "See patterns for objective 3<>" for more information.

(they suggest linking to ISO, but who knows when that will be )

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