Re: [Action required by August 4] COGA community group draft


I just left a comment on the community group description draft. I know that
this doc will be just the first effort to start the initiative but I do
want to see sometime in the near future possibly before actively promoting
the community that we write the community rules and policies to make this
community inclusive and safe environment for everyone especially if we are
encouraging people wiht mental health challenges to join as well. I don't
know if those rules are already put in place somewhere, and if so, it'd be
helpful to include the link in the additional details section.
I know Lisa has worked on Inclusive Working Groups document (
and know that with mental health sub-group has also talked about
sensitivities of work.

On Tue, Aug 3, 2021 at 8:03 AM Rain Michaels <> wrote:

> Hello COGA task force,
> We would like to submit the community group description
> <;!!LIr3w8kk_Xxm!6SrUrvF8aWvkDuXpcSJwXB3B69a34ZswUoOKzwVHK7AKbiHPBqwU2hgMVtbWIqA$>
> to W3C tomorrow, Wednesday, August 4.
> We believe this draft is what we have all agreed to:
> <;!!LIr3w8kk_Xxm!6SrUrvF8aWvkDuXpcSJwXB3B69a34ZswUoOKzwVHK7AKbiHPBqwU2hgMVtbWIqA$>
> Please take a look today if you would like to check it once more before we
> submit it.
> Thank you,
> Rain

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