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here are my comments to the charter review for WCAG
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Subject: [wbs] response to 'Charter review'
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> Charter review 
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> The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group is updating its charter for 
> its next term of work. These periodic re-authorizations in W3C Process 
> mean groups update their scope of work and keep their list of active 
> deliverables current. The draft charter is at: 
> https://raw.githack.com/w3c/wcag/charter-2019/charter.html 
> This proposed charter would allow the group to work on WCAG 2.2 to follow 
> on WCAG 2.0 and the recently completed WCAG 2.1. In parallel, it plans to 
> continue work on the successor guidelines project "Silver", and begin 
> formal development on the W3C Recommendation Track. A first version of 
> Silver is planned to become a W3C Recommendation about a year and a half 
> after WCAG 2.2, which itself is planned for the end of 2020. 
> This charter also allows the Working Group to maintain other related 
> deliverables, and expressly indicates a broader set of emerging 
> technologies in the scope of the guidelines work. 
 * ( ) The charter proposal is ready for W3M review 
 * (x) The charter can be improved before review (see comments) 
1. "or with cognitive disabilities" 
should be AND with cognitive disabilities 
2. Develop Silver  should specify accessibility cognative disabilities need 
to be fully supported 
3. Continue development of non-normative documents to support 
implementation of accessibility guidelines. 
needs to be expanded to allow for supplements 
such as 
Continue development of non-normative documents to support the 
implementation of accessibility guidelines and improve accessibility beyond 
what is included in the guidelines dues the limitations of the process 
in the Other Deliverables 
Other non-normative documents may be created such as: 
supplements to enable equal inclusion for people with learning and 
cognitive disabilities that prevent the design choices of the content 
provided from excluding  people with cognitive and learning disabilities 
I would also like this deliverable on the timelines (first working draft 
and a note) 
note I do not concider this survey as an agreement to the working process 
or ther dcument 
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