Important - Re: Please provide feedback on the new Charter proposal for our Parent Group

Note this is very important. The wcag charter does not have much to included us - even in silver. If this is not ok with anyone that we need to comment on this or it will be accepted.

I will send my comments to the list.
All the best

Lisa Seeman,

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As a Task Force we work on a specific topic for a working group (in our 
case actually 2). Working Groups must have a Charter that describes 
their planned activity for a given timeframe. 
The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group [1] are currently working on 
their Charter for the next round of work and welcome comments from 
Cognitive Accessibility Task Force members. 
Please do read the Charter and provide feedback in the survey: 
After it is reviewed and finalised the Charter will be submitted for 
approval by the W3C. Then, only if it is approved, will work continue. 
Please note that the aim with a Charter is to only commit to things your 
are sure can be achieved (including full approval) within the stated 
timeframe, whilst leaving open the option to do other work. It is thus 
carefully worded to achieve this. 

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