essential design requirements

Hi Folks We will not be able to fill in the text for all the design requirements for the next working draft. Let us pick a few to keep working on and add an editors note that we intended to fill in the others. The following is a list of the ones that have not been drafted yet. Which do you think are the most essential? Chunk Media (half done) Make the purpose of each section clear merge Make it clear what are controls and how they should be used  tool bars and controls are visible or easy to find Sub-menu items that are clearly associated with the main menu items under which they fall. Support simplification add symbols Make it easy to find help. Make it easy to find the most important things on the page(john kirkwood) Use a clear navigation (half) Use clear text and design. (half) Add search Reduce the scroll requirement of scrolling (half) Let the user return to a previous point (half) Use clear spacing (redundant?) Use clear text and voice Provide summaryof long documents Provide Alternatives for numbers (half) Help users find the content they can use Use clear labels and instructions (may be redundent) Make it easy for the user to undo actions Avoid data loss and “time outs” Provide feedback (Shari) Tell the users about any fees and charges at the beginning of a task The user knows when the content changes Keep the user information safe Avoid interruptions Avoid too much content on the page Provide help Provide human help Provide reminders Support API’s inclucive feedback All the best Lisa Seeman LinkedIn, Twitter

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