Changes to Road Map and gap analysis

I've just re-read this in order to catch up and found it to be a
comprehensive an informative document, allowing for points marked as
to be expanded. Great work all.

I've made a PR with some very minor corrections to this document. The
PR is here:

and the rendered web page with yellow highlights for changes is here

A couple of thoughts occurred to me as I read it.

* Are we now in Phase 2? The introduction say emotional disabilities
will not be covered 'till then but they appear in a later section
* The processes described in section 1 could say about involving end
users (or is that implicit in the W3C process)
* Could expand on identity and authentication barriers, especially now
WebAuth is doing so well.
* Reading support in the form of highlighting and speaking text is not
mentioned - this is probably more an UAAG / ATAG feature. It would be
very helpful if all browser made it available to users and content
authors (ditto page simplification)
* A point of information for and is that EA Drafan,
David Banes and myself are now working on Global Symbols project to
help map between symbol and concepts. I'm now maintaining the Mulberry
Symbols which are SVG and CC BY-AT.

Steve Lee

Received on Thursday, 30 August 2018 12:08:36 UTC