Re: directions for "help and support"

Three thoughts off the top of my head 

1) I think you mean “at least one of the following”
it reads now like “all of these" 

2)  How would I do this if my page is a poem? 

3) they seem to be different techniques for different docs
summaries for long docs 
if I have a short doc do I pass automatically?  or do I have to use a different item in the list (i.e.   summaries cannot be used for short documents  ()
Instructions for [non-standard controls]
so for long docs I don’t need to do this - I should do another

4)  I like what we are trying to do here — but This feels like tokenism.    ( “ please do something for this group.  here is a list of things you could do.   But if you do just one of them — that is ok — the readers will be able to get past the rest ).    

I know we did something like this for one SC  in WCAG 2.0.    for the same reason.   But normally when it is “do one of the following” the choices were different ways to address the same problem.   Not a list of different things to address different problems.  


Gregg C Vanderheiden

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> We needed to redo help and support ( as we can no longer rely on techneques to let people know when they are comply.
> This is not the finished wording but this is the direction we are heading in: 
> Help and support: comprehension support is available via:
> Charts, tables, or graphics to summarize [complex numerical information];
> Summaries of [long documents];
> Emphasis of key words in [long documents];
> Instructions for [non-standard controls];
> Information about a user's position in multi-step forms;
> Alternative terms for relative and cardinal directions;
> Non-numerical versions of numerical values.
> Please comment on any changes you would like to see in
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