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I am so sorry not to be around for these important decisions but I think you have captured the most important ones

Plain langiage and using word frequency is not really going to work for the reasons Gregg and others have given but I am sure there is a way of getting easy-to-read to work automatically and to have a tag for it so if people want to have another version it can be generated also with the symbols for the important statements!

It is hard to prioritise the SCs you have chosen as they all seem obvious to me!  They help everyone!

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Subject: what are the most important

We have a lot of really important SC However in the first working draft we will be able to put in 8. I think we should recomend to the chairs what we think the most important 8 our from our perspective.
On the call tomorow I would like to discuss what ones we ask to be in the first draft.

A first draft list  is

Plain language (Minimum)<>

Help <>  And the split off for dyscalculia!

Support Personalization<>

accessible authentication<>

Error Prevention<>

Manageable blocks<>

Clear controls <>

Undo <>

Standardized APIs<>

This is of course more then 8. WHat do we cut, and what have I missed out that is more important then the list that we have?

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