Clear Text and Voice #27

Hi everyone,

I'm taking on Clear Text and Voice #27, but I'm running into issues with meeting SC requirements.

The SC text is simple enough: "Provide clear typography (text and numbers), punctuation, and voice (speech) for readability and comprehension."

However, I can't see a basis for saying whether a particular thing on a page is "clear". 

E.g. WCAG cannot be the arbiter of what a clear font is. Are there attributes of text that we can specify are "enough" for a font to be clear? Or the other way around, known attributes of a font that are not clear?

A lot of the description is around numbers, is that the more important aspect? It is mixed up a lot with how TTS deals with numbers, but for the SC we need to say what the content should do.

>From the techniques there are a few about justification & text styles, but I am not clear whether the requirement is for:
- All sites to "avoid" italics, all caps etc. In which case when does 'avoid' become a fail of the SC? Or
- All sites should enable the user to adjust these aspects, in which case they don't have to avoid them at all.

I'm sorry to come in and have more questions than answers, I have followed the links and read around for an hour, but I nothing stood out as answers for these aspects (which are really more about web content than user-need).

If someone can point me in the right direction I will continue, or perhaps it would be better for me to review other SCs and learn & feedback?

Kind regards,


Received on Monday, 13 February 2017 23:24:20 UTC