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Hi Lisa,

About our user-research document, I just read the “Comments from Stefan Johansson,, consultant at Funka Nu and researcher on cognitive accessibility at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, CSC – School of Computer Science and Communication. Member of ISO ISO/TC 173.”

The beginning commentary is about not focusing on diagnoses, but instead on functional limitations. I have consistently said I think our approach should be to first address functional commonality across cognitive disabilities / diagnoses, then the functional issues unique to each. You have always responded we will do so, but only after focusing on a list of diagnoses. That approach, as is indicated in our user-research document, is apparently confusing for Mr. Johansson and his colleagues. I suspect it is confusing for a lot of people.

In my opinion, the next version of our user research document should:

·     first address functional limitations across all cognitive disabilities;

·     then address functional limitations unique to each or to subgroups of each; &

·     be significantly shorter

I know we addressed Mr. Johansson’s commentary at our FTF meeting last month. My recollection is that we would ask him to provide references to research that backs up the challenges he and his colleagues made to the Dyslexia section of our user-research document. Has that happened?


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Hello Lisa and Steve!

I have tried to post comments on Cognitive Accessibility User Research to the address<>. But now I have noticed that my mail was rejected.

Comments are from myself and the group of experts and users participating in one of my research projects (The Begripsam project).

Best regards

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