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I think we need to be consistent and use the same term throughout or work. I think that the wider term "intellectual disability" (rather than the more perfect but probably unused term "intellectual impairments") is the best term to use. It would be simple to explain that Down Syndrome is one of the most common examples, just like we can say that Alzheimer's is one of the most common examples of dementia.

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As you may know Down Syndrome is one many intellectual disabilities. In some of our weekly teleconferences, I have suggested that we replace Down Syndrome with Intellectual Disability in our documentation, but cite Down Syndrome as one example of it. I know Debra supports this, and I believe Neil does too.

Several weeks ago, I replaced “Down Syndrome” with “Intellectual Disability” in the user-research text. I also created a gap analysis for Intellectual Disability (intending to replace the one for Down Syndrome) by basing it on the Down Syndrome one.

That new content was not published because Lisa responded with “John, I think the idea was to change it in the techniques not the user research Let's check back with the group”.

I think the replacement should happen in all our documentation, including in user research. I hope we can discuss this in today’s call, and come to a resolution.


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