Stephans comments

Some initial comments on Stephans comments

1. His comments that "organizing difficulties by diagnoses must be questioned" -  we  completely agree but we suspect he did not read on where we describe that we will be adopting the function based approach. However as most  developers will not  understand the ramifications of functional approach such as "auditory perceptual difficulties" we did it this way and mapped to functional and cognitive issues.

It also looks like he did not get to section four where we build the  basis for consistent use of terms within our documents.
We can also pass a resolution to make section 4 terms more consistent with the ICF-system where it covers the  cognitive function in the level we need 

2 . Some of the sections may have got a bit mixed up , hence we had the sentence for the beginning of section 4 in section 3 and that created some confusion. we should clarify that.

3. Comments on guidelines -  we where not recommending in this document the BDA or other guidelines, we were just summarizing them. We could resolve to make that clear in the document.  In the techniques document we will make recommendations. 

4. He disagreed with much of the research cited. However just saying"no" is not enough. We could request from him the research he is using to disagree. If this research is credible we will either remove the original (if it is thoroughly disproved) or qualify it by saying "some research show/ suggests" to show that there is not consensuses.

Any other comments?

All the best

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Received on Monday, 16 February 2015 18:23:52 UTC