Re: overloading help text and tooltip


I was not on the coga call Monday due to other commitments. I agree with
your assertions.

The ARIA task force pushed keyboard help off to ARIA 2.0. We agree this
needs to be handled separately and it was beyond the scope of ARIA 1.1.
Keyboard help is important for screen reader and mobile access.

Something also to be considered is that as we move to mobile devices the
use of these special keyboard keys is dropping off in favor of device
independent forms of interaction with less dependence on modifier keys for

I think it is important that we stay focused on where the puck is going to
land when coga gaps are filled going forward.



Rich Schwerdtfeger

From:	"lisa.seeman" <>
To:	"public-cognitive-a11y-tf" <>
Date:	09/17/2014 02:24 AM
Subject:	overloading help text and tooltip


I had to leave the aria call early on Monday, but i just wanted to say a
word of caution about overloading help text and tooltips with information
for screen reader users.
I think there should be separate place to put information for screen reader
users and appose to sited users who need extra help, such as people in the
COGA user groups. If they learn to rely on help text for extra assistance,
and find there information for screen readers, they will be confused and
will stop looking for help text or tooltips. then we are removing from
these groups any scaffolding and help that may have been there.

All the best

Lisa Seeman

Athena ICT Accessibility Projects
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