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Thank you Steve.There could be a lot of project opportunities in the COGA space.

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I'd like to introduce the Semesta of Code a pilot that is providing 
Degree level Computer science students in Europe with academic credits 
for working on exciting FOSS projects. I believe this would be a great 
opportunity for W3C a11y related open source projects, especially if you 
have a chunk of work that could take students about a month of 
concentrated effort, or more. It could be development or another task 
suitable for Computer science students. 
Semesta of Code is somewhat like Google Summer of Code but as well as 
giving students academic credits rather than cash we have kept project 
admin to the absolute minimum. We will be available to support both 
you and the students. 
We've set a deadline for outline project ideas by the end of the week. 
My apologies for notifying you so late but I do hope you have 
something that you'd like worked on by enthusiastic students. 
Find out more about the Semesta of code at: 
Contact us at: 
PS I've attached a PDF created for the project- please let me know if 
it if you have any problems accessing it. 
Steve Lee 
W3C cog a11y taskforce 

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