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Thanks for the list.  I could try to do reading techs from the list you give.  Do you have a little more clarification as to exactly what you mean by this term (what it includes, what it doesn’t include, etc.).   Are we including learning disabilities in this?  Please advise.. Thanks Tim Boland NIST

PS – regrets for the meeting on Monday 8 Sept as I have a trip scheduled that day..

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We have left the following

  *   Assistive technologies such as AAC and AAC core vocabularies
  *   Reading techs
  *   Indi ui
  *   ISO
  *   Web RTC (real time communications)
  *   WCAG(not for this Working draft)

Also taken from HTML 5 wishlist<>:

  *   Full Transcript<>
  *   Media Descriptions<>
  *   Date UI Widgets<>

     *   Janina

  *   Input type numeric<>
  *   Haptic Output<>
  *   Gaming<>
  *   Referencing UAAG<>
  *   Media<>
  *   Web Payments<>
  *   Footnotes, End notes, Annotations, Definitions<>

     *   (may be part of ePub, ARIA)

  *   Accesskey<>
  *   Menus<>

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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Sorry I was only able to join via IRC today. I'll try to sign up for a technology review but I couldn't start it until next week sometime. Which ones are open? Thanks Tim Boland NIST

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Minutes from today's meeting are online here:


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